Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bus for a bus stop

Purpose: descrive the characerstics of an object.

Breaking news! 
"the bus on bunny street is not the same! Who chaged it? Find out after the break!"
"back on 3 news! At 6:00" "welcome back, your in the futcher! How can the new buses move?  They can flote! The engen keeps brecking down on the non floting ones so we made floteing buses out of the old ones! How cool is that?!!??? Amazing! 

Heres my pic colace of the bus in my story

2 stars and a wish

Purpose: is to reflect on our year so far.
Heres my 2 stars and a wish.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My swimming goal

Description: we took videos of our selfs in the pool. We looked back at those videos to set a goal. Now we are trying to atcheve our goal.

My goal is: to take a faster breath in freestyle also to turn my head not lift it up. I know if I have achieved this goal by taking videos so I can see my self also my buddy could give me good feedback and feedfoard that I could work on. After I achieved this goal I will set a new goal for myself. 
 I know i have goton better at frestyle because i have strater arms and i took a faster breath. I will try to get this done by swiming sports.

Here's my video.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Im stuck!

Description: We got the imspration from this youtube video. The top ones our one and the bottom one is the video.

All of poutama had to make a video in buddies. I worked with Hannah and Taylor. This is my video about being stuck in a learning ditch. But in a tree.  
I think your movie has a very clear message and you and showing you and hannah not showing the ability to act. Next time you could make the footage better and making it not bluring because it is hard to see what you are doing. -Zara

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My maths test term 1 2015

Description: we have been doing some maths test for our learning. After we had finished them we high lighted the questions that we got wrong or what we didn't have time to do. Our buddie tested us to the ones we did not have time to do. Gold stands for go for gold and pink means pink for think. 

My goal for maths is to get faster at my subtraction facts to 20. When I finish I will set another goal.

This is what my maths test looks like.
The first one here is test 4 and the bottom one is test 5

Monday, 9 February 2015

My first time fishing

Purpose: To share memories about our childhood.

Description: We looked at a story of a lady's child hood and Troy had an idea that we should make our own ones so we had to look back of the fun things that we had done when we were little and put this into a story. This is how my one turned out.

Remember my pink fishing rod trying to escape out of my hands and the cold breeze howling all around me,
the smell of bait and fishy hands in the air.

Remember catching a fish in the eye!
Poor Fish!

That was my first time fishing.