Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My ANZAC poster

Description: we made an ANZAC poster with our buddies. Amelie wanted to make a poster by her self so I did one by my self! :) this is how my ANZAC poster terned out! 

The Z is a poppy because that's the simble of ANZAC day.
The A is brown because it's an ANZAC biscuit. The ANZACS use to eat it when they were at war.
The C is rosemary because the ANZACS use to pick it and put in there pockets to make them smell nice.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

2 stars and a wish

to make a 2 stars and a wish poster about every 1st or 2nd week.

The big idea:
The 2 stars are when you like something. Here's an example.
Cooking at seed to table
I like it when we do seed to table because you get to do cooking and gardening.
Like that. Here's an example of the wish.
Is to put my self in the learning pit.
Now heres my 2 stars and a wish!