Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Kiwi kids news

Description: we have a tic tac toe board and we can choose what we would like to do unless it's a must do! If it's a must do you have to do it! This is one of my can does! Hope you like it!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Two stars and a wish

Description: the two stars is when you've improved and the wish is what you want to happen. Purpuse: to reflect on our learning/work so far.
Here's my two stars and a wish!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

et reo

Description: every Monday some people go to kappa Haka and the people who don't go to Kappa Haka are doing et reo. I do et reo! we learn the Maori language and sing some Maori song.
This is a video with me, Kayla and Rebekah. Where asking etchother what we like and don't like in Maori. Here's our video!
Big idea: Can you figure out what we said?
We said... "He pai Ki a koe ngā panana?" Means do you like bananas? "Kāore e pai Ki a Hau ngā pananas" means I don't like bananas! "He pai Ki a koe te Keke?" Means do you like cake? " Ae he pai Ki ahau te Keke!" That means I do like cake! 


Eveloation: It was a bit hard to pronounce the Moari words but I got there in the end! Maybe I could practice so I'm cofondent when ever we have to make another video. 

Writing with Elly

Description: In writing we have been working on a story. Elly gave us all a little picture that had a man and a monster on it. That picture gave us some impsperrasion for our story. Our stories are mosty all basted on the picture. my goal is to write complex sentences. I plan to finish this by the end of term 3. This is my picture and plan.

Big idea:
Hears my story!

height="600" width="620"

Feedback/feedfoward: I think you tried your best at adding detail to your writing but I think you could be more persuasive in your writing.

Eveloation: The hard part about doing the writing and planing was coming up with some intistring words that will hook the reader into my story strait away and wants to keep reading.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Task 1 maths

Description: The teachers made a poster and it had some photos of things you can buy from Rebel sport. The poster had prices and there where 4 questions. In our maths groups we had a talk about what we had to do. We did the first stage five quistion together then we went away and chose our stage and did your questions.

Big idea:
The questions where...
1) have a sum more than $550 
That means you add 2 things on the poster that adds close to $550. 
2) have a sum exactly $426
3) have a difference between $40 and $60
That means 2 things adding together that's embetween $40 and $60
4) have a difference of $134 

I used rounding and compensating. That's when you plus your hundreds together then plus your tens then ones then add all your answers together then that final answer is your real answers. 

Here's my working out! And here's the poster!

Feedback/feedfoward: it is cool how you have put what you are doing but you could put the starting answer next to the number. From jake

Evaluation: I used Rounding and compinsating but is a bit too easy so I thought that I could put myself in the pit by doing something a bit harder but not too hard that I can't do it!  My new goal is reversibility.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My inquiry about Owls

Description: We have inquiry every Thursday. We got to choose an animail and find more about it. As you can see from my title my animal is an owl. 

Purpose: to think like a sinceist

Success criteria: to think like a sinceist.
To talk like a sinceist.
To act like a sinceist

Big idea: I looked at lots of websites and got some facts but some of the facts wernt about why there nocturnal. I like owls but I wanted to know more about why there nocturnal. I knew they where nocturnal but I wanted to know why. Look at my poster and there's 3 answers. I decided to make a pic collage because lots of people where doing slides. 

Feedback/feedforword: good job on your poster abby. I like how you stayed on track with your question.
I think you could work on putting what you know,what you found out and what your predictions are.

Evaluation: it was a bit hard finding a website that answers my question and it's suitable for kids but I got there in the end! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tic tac toe

Description: My goal is to expand my vocabulary. We go to 2 work shops every week. Said is an overused word that people use in there writing. I made a pic collage filled of words that you can use instead of said.

Success criteria: I normally read on but I need to work on re read. When ever I read if I'm stuck on a word I could use one of these to help me. On the book mark there is an example of each one.
Read on means read two or three sentences and it might give you the what the words means.
Re read means read two or three sentences that came before the word you where stuck on and see if there is any clues to see what that word means.
List of words sometimes other words give you clues to help you work out what it means.
Base or root word if you recognise a part of the word that you know it might help you figur out the meaning.
Cause of effect sometimes a sentence can help you make a prediction about what a word means.
Synonyms Authors sometimes use synonymous in the same sentence to help you figur out new words.
Comparisons and contrast the sentence may contain a comparison or a contrast that gives you helpful clues.
 This is my said Is dead poster.
Big idea: the teachers made a tic tac toe board. The tic tac toe board is filled of activitys for the expanding vocabulary people and the comprehension people. You can choose an activity and then do it. 

Feedback/feedfoword: I think you did well on finding the words that meant the same as said but I think you should work on finding a few more words to put on your poster
From Hannah P

Evaluation: I think I did well at finding the words but next time I could find them faster and put some more words on.