Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Reading follow up (inside the game)

Activity: Both Amy and Chris are only children, do you think being an only child might help you connect to the way they think and act? Why/Why Not? I'm not sure because I'm not the only child but I talked to Atlanta and she says Yes because she knows what it's like. My answer: Yes because they would know what it's like.

“Amy got up from her chair. I get sick of all this sort of stuff. Fighting, Fighting …” What questions can you ask about violence in video games? Do you think video game makers rely on violence to sell video games? What is your opinion? 1Why do most people like violence in video games? 2 yes because most kids like violence so they would like to buy it.

Follow up:
Why do you think the author introduces a typical fairy-tale type of princess? Because most people want to save a fary tail prinsess.

 Do you think this style of princess make Chris more or less likely to want to save her? Yes

Why do you think the author constructed the setting from the game in so much detail? Because if there was no detail nobody would want to play it. Or buy it.

What purpose is there behind using so much detail? People would like to know more before they buy it. 

My quick write story the Halloween treat

The day before Halloween Naomi came round with a big box. "Surprise!" "Hi Naomi! What's in the box?" "Oh.. Just some... Halloween decorations! To go outside and inside our tree house!" "Wow that's sound cool! When should we start decorating?" "NOW!" "Well... Ok..." So we started to decorate... As soon as we were done we went inside but as we opened the door to go inside we heard some spookie noises. "Umm... Was the decorations the one that makes sounds?" I asked. "No. I don't think so" we turned around. There was a ginormous pumpkin behind us laffing. It was one of those laffs that villains make in movies or programs on TV. We ran inside and locked all the doors and windows. "Wasn't that a decoration?" "Yyy... Yes... I think so " We were both horrified! "Let's tell your mum" "ok" so as we dragged my mum to the back garden the pumpkin wasn't there! " don't be silly! it must of been your imageanation..." Said my mum. We saw a small pumpkin. "The decoration!" So Naomi stayed for the night. We watched movies and played minecraft all night! The next day we got our Halloween costumes ready. So on that very night we went tricker treating! Yay! We got lots of candy and we ate some on the way home. When we got back to my house my dad was watching the news. "Oh thank goodness you girls are back! Help me lock all the doors and windows! Now!" "Ok... But why?" "Every 10th Halloween a pumpkin decoration comes alive! the next day when it looks like a decoration we have destroy it!" "Ok!" So Naomi stayed for another night!" Early in the morning... Maybe 8:00 am (achilly 4:45am) we went outside to destroy the pumpkin. It was still dark. We took turns at holding the torch and hitting it with a spade and a hammer. "Ok done" so hope you all enjoyed the story! Remember that didn't happen! The end! (It's a fake story)

Monday, 19 October 2015

Descovory time

Today for descovory time I played minecraft.
I showed creativity by starting to create something with Naomi that know body has thought about.
I showed agency by thinking I should do this and then Naomi was like oh i was going to do that! Thanks! πŸΆπŸ˜›πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š 
I showed excellence by helping Naomi.
Next week for descovory time I am going to carry on with what I was doing which was playing minecraft.
Here are some photos of Naomi and I on minecraft and playing it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Book bash 2015

Book Bash Prediction 2015

  1. Title - why is it called inside the game? Do they go inside the game?

Cover Design - it looks like it's a fantasy.

Blurb - when it said he was inside a computer game I was hooked into the story. I wanted to start reading strait away! How did he get into the computer game?

  1. Predictions - I think that the story is set first in a office or a bed room with a computer then they get sucked into a computer and then there stuck in a computer game.