Monday, 30 November 2015

Inquiry writing

As Troy was calling people's names of what groups they where in I was buzzing like a happy and excited bumble bee. “YAY!” I am in Suzzanes group. Where making arcade games out of cardboard.. I was exploding with ideas that I wanted to start NOW! But i couldn't. So next week came and we started to make! “Yay” my favourite part! “sniff, sniff.. Yuck! Sawdust!. The brown dusty sawdust went everywhere! I swept it up so it was out of the way. my burning hot glue gun was burning my hands and my melting glue sticks was dripping as I started to glue. So in an hour I was done! I only needed to paint! the smell of paint Yuck!. To me paint never smells very good. the slimy paint dripping down my fingers. Wow what a mess! I never knew how much I could of done by myself though I felt a bit lonely on the way. Ok I felt more than lonely. I felt like I was in the forest alone but that's not the point. I am super excitied for next years inquiry! 

Thursday, 26 November 2015


For inquiry I am in Suzzanes group. Where doing canes arcade. Where making arcade games out of cardboard and other matirals. I decided to work by myself because i knew if I work in a group there would be augments along the way and I didn't want to deal with arguments!  I am making a marble maze. 

It would benefit the school by... If we wanted to have a fundraiser to by something/s for the school we could bring the games in and pay $1 dollar for one game and $2 dollars for loads of games and that money would go to the school. 

I wanted my game to be unic and I wanted to make something that hasn't been created yet. If it was already created... "Opps" :0 well it was my idea.

Here's some photos of my creation!!! Hope you like it! 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This is one of our litricy activities on the litricy ladder doc. We had to get some words and make them like wow words meaning that you decorate the words to look out standing. 

Monday, 16 November 2015


What questions do u have about the book that u have reed so far.

1 Will Amy like video games once they get into the real world?
2 would they get into the real world?
3 would Amy get captcherd by another dragon? 
4 what would happen to the prinsess once every things over?

Follow up

How do you think Amy feels as she tries to rescue Chris and the princess from the chasm they have fallen into? Frightened 
 How would you respond if you were in that situation? I would save that person even if there mean to me or if I'm in a game or not.
What connections can you make to Chris’ experience with fear? (Pg.73) Chris is all ways filed with fear before an exam and I'm filled with fear before an exam too.
Do you think someone who isn’t a fan of video games could still relate to this story or do you think that you have to know about video games before you read? Yes

Friday, 6 November 2015

Student Agency framework

I think I am a Self Directed learner because I'm a driver for others and if the teachers give me some work lets say making blog posts I would add on some things from home.

The goal that I am currently working on is purposely put my self in the learning pit

The things I need to do to achieve this goal is when I do something let's say maths I take my learning ferther and I might want to do the activities that takes longer and that are harder.