Thursday, 22 September 2016

Risk takers

Description: In the last 2 weeks some year 6s (Round 20 of us) have been working with the Poutama teachers and some teachers from Ashhurst school. We have been talking about risks. We had some things to order hardest to easiest. We came up with an action plan and we did it… now today we are teachers. We did the same thing but we tout the other kids in Poutama. 
There Emails:

Thank you for taking our group and helping us with strategies to help us not be as nervous  as we would be if you did not help us.

Hi Abby! Thanks for being Epic risk taking coach I'm really nervous about having to dance with a boy.
Regards, Emma

Hi Abigail

Phoebe here thanks so much for what you did with us today your the best, thanks you helped me understand it a lot, you don't need to work on anything.

Thank you Caitlin, Phoebe and Emma for working with me. You guys worked very well and I enjoyed every second!

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