Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spookie cabin 2

Description: I chose to share my camp writing with you because my friends and I think it's entertaining and we thought you guys might like it. My friends said it was so good that I should make a siris of them! If they like it so much you would probably like it! Hope you enjoy! WAIT! Before people read this I have got a warning! It might be a bit scary for little kids! Especially the start! Maybe 7+. Enjoy!

“OMG!” “AAA!!!” “What happened?” So this is what happened. Dear diarie, just came back to see my cabin group starring in horror, screaming and blocking the doorway. “Whats up?” I'll tell you what's up! I covered my mouth in shock to see a wii u? I wish! A dead body! Blood on the floor and a knife with bood on Emma O’s bed. Everybody staired. Ok… To be honest… That didn't happen! This wasn't worse than that but it was still pretty bad! Ok, here's what happened
Our cabin was messy! Don't think we did it we left it nice and tidy with our beds made anyway Maya's toothpaste was squirted on the floor some sleeping bags thrown on the floor and… There's more! Thing have gone missing and some girls from our cabin there clothes were stuffed in Caitlyn's suitcase while being scaterd on the floor! We tidied it up while being worried. So while freaked out going to sleep was the hardest part Maya said what if we woke up in other people's bunks from our cabin of course. So next morning that never happened. Whewf! After 
Breakfast we went back to our cabin. When I walked in every girl including me couldn't help noticing some writing on the ladder leading up to Fyfes bed it said… Kyla Kayla I noticed that lovely handwriting Kayla! Even though we weren't aloud in other people's cabins the girls dragged Kayla in and asked her like 1,000,000 questions HEY! Don't blame me I was trying to stop them. I know Kayla and I had bad moments but I had to believe her! She looked to serious 
“No I didn't” she said in a serious voice and a pinch of creepiness. I'm so excited to go home I said excitedly on the last day. What if the creepiness carried on at home?! Naa! That wouldn't happen or would it? 
Remember this all happened! Except the dead body part. So… If your ever in a situation like this and if your on camp tell your teacher and if they don't believe you then… SURVIVE! Good luck! 
The end
A true story by Abigail Cruz Young

Feedback/Feedfoward: I defently got spooked in that storie have you thought of making more books connected to spookie cabin two. From: Emma

Evaluation: Thanks for the Feedfoward! I'll do that next time. I thought next time I could make my writing shorter but not too short. Maybe instead of 3 sentences about this one thing maybe 1 or 2 sentences.  

Here's my planing.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I staitments

Description: we were given a Scenario of what we could do for different scenes of what we could record about. I worked with Emma. We did a video about talking about someone and solving it.

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 EL Rancho camp portfolio post

Description: Last Tuesday (8/3/16) we set of to camp. We had 10 activitys to complete in 4 days. Luckily we had lots of time! Some of the activities included... Togs, towl, goggles, covered shoes, long pants and of corse our hat! Everyday we had to fill in a book. The book has our activities for the day.
I compleated all my goals! Yay!

Feedback/feedforward: Those are two verry good goals Abby. Verry good for trying new things! From Emma O

Monday, 7 March 2016

Et reo family tree

Description: in et reo we made a family tree. We had to label them in moari. Like mum is mama. 

Big idea: First we got everyone's names from our family and writ it in our books. We labeled them in English beside there names. like my brother GG would be brother. Then finally we got to do the real tree. Instead of labelling them in English we did it in moari.

Feedback/feedback: I think that it's really good like I can see that you've put a lot of effort into it but maybe next time you could make the colours really pop. Emma O

Evaluation: Thanks Emma. And I was thinking about more colours too but I had no time. Anyway... Next time I might write a bit neater.

Friday, 4 March 2016

One word portfolio pice 2016

Description: At the start of the year we had to chose a word that ment something to us and that was  challenging or a goal for the year. My one word was experiment. Then Elly took our picturer. We were pretending to hold signs. After a couple of days Elly had printed all of our photo. One each. Straight away we measured the hight and length of how big we wanted our sign to be. We wrote the measurements lightly on the back with pencil. We measured a rectangle. It was the same size of our measurements. We practice writing our word twice with decorations and other cool things. Then after that it was time for the real pice! We got some special paper. The paper was like card. Once again we measured a rectangle then wrote the word and did the thing again. We cut the paper that wasn't needed and then glued it on to our photo. Hope you enjoy! Here's my pice.
Feedback/Feedfoward: I really like how you made all the words in bubble letters and then 
Decorated it all. Maybe next time you could cover up the mouse holes :) Maria 

Evaluation: thanks Maria! I will work on that for most of my drawings next time unless I want mouse holes:) I think I could maybe next time put some light colours for the back round then some dark coulors for the lettering to make it stand out more.

My camp goals

Description: Next week is camp! Yay! We are setting goals for camp and that is relevant to our one word. I have a personal goal and a action goal. Hope you enjoy!