Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book Buddies

Description: At the start of the term we started something new called Book Buddies. It's practically a book club but instead of lots of people, it would just be 2. My buddy is Bella and our coach is Elly. Our first book was the Jungle Book. Now we have finished that and reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and me. If we are not reading or catching up with our coach, we have these cards full of tasks to complete. I don't regularly get the cards done because I'll be reading, making a video about what we have read or I'll be at ukelele. Bella doesn't do ukelele so I kind of got to catch up but I don't mind. This is our slide about what we are reading and the stuff we do at literacy.

Feedback/Feedfoward: Good job Abby I think you did really well & make sure that you and your buddy do it together! Because team work is great! Emma O

Evaluation: I like the books we are reading and I think book buddies was a very good idea. So... If your buddy says... "What was your favorite part of this chapter?" Or " what happened here" you can respond and talk about your understandings in the book to make sure you actually read it.


Description: This term we have been focusing on measurement. The teachers made a sheet to glue into our maths book. It had loads of tasks. When we did maths we would be doing one of the tasks or completing one that you started. At the start of the term we did a huge maths problem then after that we did some workshops and started the other tasks. Then a few weeks later we did the same problem. This slide shows how we improved and what level we are on the rubric.


Evaluation: I think I might need some work shops on weight so if I o this agin I can work out the other question then compare.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Description: This terms goal is Panekiretanga, Showing Ecxellence. We made a slide about Panekiretanga (Ecxellence) and its got loads of cool stuff to go check out! We have got some goals to work on, a bit of a reflection about exallence and some "Memes"! I love the memes, to be truthfull... it was probaly the funnest thing on the slide! And the quotes! Go check out this slide to see more!

Feedback/Feedfoward: It is good that Charlotte helped you but maybe try thinking more about the real world & not just Minecraft how people helped you. Emma O

Evaluation: The reason and the thing I'd like to get better at first, would be to think before I act because feelings can drive you crazy! Seriously! Most likely if your "too" busy. Sometimes your too stressed to think about things then you sometimes end up regretting what you did because you can't think. So maybe for me i might need sometime to relax and really think before its too late.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Discovery Time Week 2

Description: Today was discovery time again! Yay! I started out with sketching. I copyied a photo from the past. It was Skippy and me. She's such a good cat! Anyway... Next I had CatchMeIfYouCan which is not part of Discovery Time. It's sports. I experimented with some wool and ended up making a little super hero cape for Emma. I think next time I would do some smashing or something with the technology that's broken. (That's an activity)